Hezhou Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Hezhou large production scale non-metallic superfine powder manufacturer
  • Collection of mineral mining, powder processing, ultrafine grinding technology research and development as one of the High-tech enterprises.
  • has non-metallic ultrafine powder research, development and production, is now 12 sets of modern powder production lines.
  • Trust is an honor.
Choice of many industries
  • To science and technology as the guide to the quality of survival.
  • Adhere to the "three presses", strict "Guan", the implementation of "three checks", after the sale of "triple packs."
  • Efficient production, safety first, civilized production, foreign only to introduce, merit, Yucai standby.
  • Trust is a power.
High production efficiency and good quality
  • Product stability, small particle size is not easy to plug the network.
  • Small size: Specific surface area (bet method), high calcium content, super white, good dispersion, high activity.
  • Widely used in man-made floor tiles, rubber, plastics, paper, paint, paint and other daily chemical industry.
  • Fine particle size, high purity, good whiteness of the heavy calcium carbonate is also used in ink, medicine, cosmetics and other fields.

Hezhou Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Guangxi Hezhou-Gui Guan Li District, West Bay Industrial Zone, 207 national Road, away from Shantou-Kunming high-speed 12 kilometers, is located in Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi three provinces (district) Joint Ministry, south to the second largest inland port Wuzhou port 150 kilometers, land transport, shipping convenient! Goods through Wuzhou port can direct domestic and foreign ports, is a collection of mineral mining, powder processing, ultrafine grinding technology research and development as one of the High-tech enterprises, is Hezhou larger production scale non-metallic ultrafine powder manufacturers. The company specializes in non-metallic ultrafine powder research, development and production, now 12 sets of modern powder production line, main super white calcium carbonate, ultrafine calcium carbonate powder, Guangxi heavy calcium carbonate, Hezhou heavy calcium carbonate, heavy calcium carbonate powder, calcium carbonate in Guangxi, Hezhou calcium carbonate, Guangxi heavy calcium, Baishi powder, calcium carbonate masterbatch, superfine heavy calcium carbonate, Guangxi White calcium carbonate, Guangxi ultrafine calcium carbonate, Hezhou superfine calcium carbonate, nano-calcium carbonate and so on, annual output of various types of non-metallic mineral products more than 200,000 tons. Its main ingredient is CaCO3, the calcium carbonate powder uses the natural marble as the raw material, passes through the selection. Water-drying-coarse, medium-crushing, grinding. With mechanical grinding and grading, such as processing processes, each process is in accordance with strict operating procedures and testing standards for production, quality inspectors every half hour from the machine on the stage to detect products, the final product by inspection before packaging shipments. Whiteness of about 96%, calcium carbonate powder content of 98% or so. Calcium powder has a high whiteness, fine fineness. Good purity, soft hue, homogeneous particle distribution and so on.

Application industry
"Excellent" quality of choice, strong after the "shield"
Environmental technology
Q: Calcium carbonate powder in the industrial production industry in the application and effectiveness?
Answer: 1. Heavy calcium carbonate powder for rubber industry Rubber-rubber with heavy calcium carbonate powder: 400 mesh, whiteness: 93%, calcium carbonate: 96% calcium carbonate is used in the rubber industry, one of the largest large filler. Calcium carbonate is heavily filled with rubber.
  • Q: The physicochemical properties and production methods of heavy calcium carbonate?
    Answer: The chemical formula of calcium carbonate is CaCO3 The crystal mainly has complex three side of the three-side crystal calcite and oblique cubic type of stone, at ambient temperature and pressure, calcite is stable, aragonite is quasi-stable, at present mainly to the square solution of the stone mainly ...
  • Q: talc Technology Set
    A: Latex paint talc Special materials The invention relates to latex paint talc special material, which is made of the following components by weight percentage: 325-2500 purpose talc 26-29%, film-forming auxiliaries 1.5 ...


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